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Diversified miners: 5 themes for the next decade

Equity (Australian Shareholders' Association)
Andy Forster, Senior Investment Officer

Resources companies make up more than 15% of the ASX’s total market capitalisation and commonly form part of a diversified domestic equity portfolio. The outlook for these businesses, particularly the large diversified miners, is therefore of great interest to many Australian investors. As we approach the end of this decade, it is timely to reflect on the prevailing conditions influencing the sector’s recent performance and look ahead to the outlook for the next 10 years.

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Outlook for Australian shares in the new financial year

ASX Investor Update

Managing Director, Jason Beddow

As we look toward the 2019 financial year, we examine a number of factors set to influence the Australian equity market over the next 12 months.

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Global Listed Infrastructure - instant diversification at a discount

Finance News Network
Managing Director, Jason Beddow

A presentation at the April 2018 FNN investor event in Sydney discussing listed investment companies (from start), Argo (from 3.25) and Argo Infrastructure (from 4.57).

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