Dividend Reinvestment Plan

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) provides eligible Argo shareholders with the option of automatically reinvesting their dividends into additional Argo shares without the need to pay brokerage, rather than receiving those dividends in cash.

Before the payment of each dividend, the Directors consider whether the DRP is to be offered to eligible shareholders. Shareholders whose registered addresses are in countries other than Australia or New Zealand are currently unable to participate in the DRP.

Eligible shareholders may elect to participate in the Plan in respect of all or part of their holding and, subject to the terms of the DRP, may vary their level of participation or withdraw from the DRP at any time.

You can amend your DRP participation instructions online at www.investorserve.com.au or by requesting a hard copy form from the share registry.

Enquiries should be directed to BoardRoom Pty Limited on 1300 350 716.

The subscription price in respect of a dividend is the weighted average ex-dividend market price of Argo shares traded on the relevant dividend Record Date and during the three business days immediately following that Record Date, sometimes discounted by such amount determined by the Directors from time to time and rounded to the nearest whole cent.

2021 Interim dividend DRP discount


Election date for DRP participation23 February 2021

The issue of shares under the DRP are not subject to brokerage, commission, stamp duty or other transaction costs. All administrative costs are met by Argo.

Shares issued under the DRP rank equally in every respect with the existing shares of the Company.

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